This page is dedicated to the X-Files.

Do you like the X-Files? If not, I suggest you leave now because this page is about this terrific show. It is a masterpiece. You should go start watching it now right now tbh. You will not regret it.

Cool things about the X-Files:

Are you not convinced to watch X-Files yet? You should be honestly. But let's look at some other cool X-Files stuff then.

Look at what thexfiles.com looked like in 2002

Today thexfiles.com redirects you to Fox's page for the X-Files

proof that I am a fan, here is me and my knock off X-Files poster

I didn't realize it was not the real poster until after I had bought it at the poster sale.

here is the real mulder poster for comparison.

totally different spaceship, totally different trees

fun fact; the X-Files is coming back for another season this year!

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